ZipGrade- Save Time Grading Papers and get lots of Data in the process

Zipgrade is by far the single most useful app for education that I have ever used. Not only has it saved me a ton of time, but it has also allowed me to get a better understanding of the topics that students are struggling with. The amount of data that can be seen from the App and from the experimental website is amazing. Read more...........

The app basically lets you speed up the grading process by letting you scan the answer sheet with your phone.  They have a 20 or 50 question version. There is also a 100 question sheet is in the works, which hasn't been released yet. Once you have your answer sheets, you complete one as a Key. In order to grade it does need a key and you can manually select each correct answer or bubble in an answer sheet and scan it in as a key.

Then the process of grading is simple: take your phone or iPad and line up the corners of the screen with the 4 boxes on the outside edge of the bubble sheet.  It is important that students be instructed to not mess with those boxes, as there could be a lot of difficulty if they were to eliminate one of those boxes.  What would have taken the better part of a planning period, now can take a total of 5 minutes.

The app is very accurate and gives you real time data.  I have used this since midway through the first quarter and I can likely answer any questions you might have about the app, so please feel free to ask.

In the interest of full disclosure I have NOT been compensated in any way by the creator of the application, and I am sharing only to help you improve your professional practice and help you save a bundle of time.

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