Cinch - Screen Maximizing Utility

Cinch - Window Sizing utility - OSX

Cinch is one of my favorite applications even though I hardly notice it anymore.  I am surprised that Apple hasn't incorporated this feature into their OS.

The premise of the app is a simple one, resize windows quickly so that I can look at more than one window at a time.  It also lets you quickly take a window and drag it to the top of the screen which will make the window take up the full screen.

The app is free with a once in while nag to purchase the app. You can click "continue using" and keep using it for free indefinitely. I recently purchased the app to show my support for the developers, but used the free version for months.

Simply drag your window over to the edge of the screen and you will see the outline pop up, release your click and the window will re-size automatically.  I also must mention that it works excellent with multiple monitors.  I have dual monitors and the edge of each screen is a hot zone when the app knows where to keep the window.

Give it a try. The paid version is currently $7, but they do have a free trial version which gets the job done.

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