ZipGrade- Save Time Grading Papers and get lots of Data in the process

Zipgrade is by far the single most useful app for education that I have ever used. Not only has it saved me a ton of time, but it has also allowed me to get a better understanding of the topics that students are struggling with. The amount of data that can be seen from the App and from the experimental website is amazing. Read more...........

Quick Key

Got Featured in the QuickKey Beta Testimonial

Can't wait for the NDA to be over so that I can share with you how cool this app really is.


My Favorite New Tool - Remind 101 - Text Reminders to Students

Send Text Reminders to Students

In a typical school year I try out dozens of web based tools, and many of them fall by the wayside within a matters of days.  Remind 101 has been one of the few tools that I keep around in my toolbox and will definitely use next school year and for years to come.

There are many features that are awesome about this app, here is the rundown.

  • Free
  • Safe for Teachers & Students
  • Easy to Use
  • Apps available
  • Schedule Reminders for Convenience
  • Students Love it

Read More.....

Friday - Great File Collection Tool for Teachers - Great File Collection Tool for Teachers

I highly recommend this service.  I used it after I got the bad news that Filestork would be closing and I would need another method to collect files from students.  I was able to embed it in my website to make collection easy.  One of the nice features of is that you can set a password. The password is particularly useful when you want to allow access for only a particular amount of time.  So if the deadline is 6pm, I can go in and change the password and prohibit students from submitting late work. I    recommend that you give it a try, remember that it does require a Dropbox account.  So if you need an account please consider using my link to sign up, we will both get additional space (+250mb) for using my link, please leave your thoughts and useful ideas in the comments -

My Favorite Place to find Copyright Friendly Images

This summer I imagine that many of you are updating your presentations and visuals for, and it is great to incorporate high quality pictures. I typically have recommended Flickr as the go to place to find images when asked by students, but I have recently been using a wonderful site that is affiliated with and were recently purchased by Getty Images. Stock.xchng has a wide variety of well indexed and high quality royalty-free images.  They also have a generous usage policy as seen below.


Weebly for Education - Website Creation


I have been an ardent Google Sites user and have setup several fellow faculty members with Google Sites for their classes over the years.  In fact in rare reversal of roles, my wife who was previously a Sites user told me about Weebly.  I watched as she made the conversion over to Weebly, and thought about all the possible limitations that a free service would have.  After her using it for about a year, I figured I would try it out.

Needless to say, I am making my own conversion to Weebly and that is why I couldn't wait to share this tool. Read more after the Break.....


SFE Mobile - Substitute Job Request for iOS

SmartFindExpress Mobile - iOS - Substitute Scheduling App

SFE Mobile - Smart Find Express iPhone App Not sure how many districts are using this but we do use this in my district of Broward County. It's likely if you're reading this blog you probably are tech savvy person and also are likely to have an iPhone or an iPad. This tool is a simple one, it lets you schedule a substitute teacher for those days when you just can't make it in. It works much like the web based version but without having to remember the secure website. It allows you to add instructions to the job request, specify a substitute, select reason codes and even cancel existing requests. It will also allow you to view your previous substitute requests and Job #'s.

For Broward County Teachers the server address is... Click on Read More..

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