Friday - Student Response System

Get students engaged. This webapp allows student to finally use their phones for something productive. It lets the teacher continue their discussion while polling the students to check for understanding. Students at any time can hit one of two buttons "I am getting it" or "I am confused". From the moderator panel the teacher can keep track of how many students are "not getting it" and kno that they need to clarify themselves.  See More .......

Should students have a question, they can ask their question without having to raise their hand by typing it into the app.  Other students and the teacher can respond.  I find that it is a great tool to encourage those students that do understand to have them answer other students.  It also allows students to respond to questions that the teacher generates. For questions or responses that are generated by students there is a profanity filter. It does however require some moderation because students can put things that are not germane to the subject.  The teacher has the ability to hide questions that are created to avoid students seeing them. Student can then also vote for questions that they like to signify that they also have the same question. I have used this tool while it was in beta testing and it is very helpful, but did have some bugs. I know they are constantly improving it and their support is very open to suggestions and excellent at communicating with customers.

If you have any suggestions on interesting uses for this site, please make it in the comments section.


  1. Also take a look at Socrative:

  2. And here yet another one, Tricider:


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